Building a light steel frame Servants Quarters.

Building Servants Quarters with Light Steel Frame Structure during our training in July 2007.

We were the first group of Light Steel Frame Erectors that was taught by Mike Crawford at the Lafarge Training Centre in Rondebult.

The group consisted of Ben Stolz (Ladybrand), Andre Scholtz (Brits), Rauen Claassen (Ladybrand), Philip Viljoen (Benoni) and Mike Crawford Lafarge/Everite

Setting Slab for light steel frame structure.

Rauen and Andre setting up the slab 4 M x 6 M x 0.25 M.
This slab was created to be removed in future so we did
not dig the foundation nor added the reinforced steel mesh.

Andre and Philip stapling the Black 250 mic plastic to the frame.

Andre doing the final inspection.

We are ready for the Ready Mix to be delivered.

Ben and Philip getting the Ready Mix into place.

The Slab is done and floated.

Daily wetting it for a week to cure.

Ready to erect the light steel frame structure.

We have added a 2 room structure with one external door
and one internal door and 2 windows,
3.6 M (W) x 5.4M (L) x  2.4M(H) with a truss roof.

External Cladding breather film with 6mm x 1200 x 2700mm
fiber cement sheets, then covered by 225 x 3600mm Vermont boards

Notice the Damp course below the structure.

The Vermont board give the typical log cabin finish that is low in
maintenance and can be stained as is or painted after
applying an bonding liquid. The building took 4 day to complete
with 3 people working on it. The inside was cladding with
12 mm Lafarge Rhino board while the ceilings was done with 9.5 mm
Lafarge Rhino board.
The roof was covered with Lafarge cement roof tiles.

From Start to finish after the slab was ready took 4 days with 3 people working 8 hours only.
Special door and window frames where used for this light steel frame building method.

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